Marta Guinn

Marta Guinn

What year did you start at CS Kern?
May 2018

What’s your favorite show on Netflix?

Favorite vacation you’ve taken?
Dominican Republic

Where would we find you on a day off?
Sleeping, then probably a boozy brunch with friends

What app can you not live without?
iBooks – I read all the time

Do you have any pets?
Absolutely not, I have sons

Favorite story about a co-worker?
While interviewing Steve said to me “I really just thought this was going to be a courtesy interview. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

What’s your go-to playlist?
Bruno Mars/Kane Brown/JT/Brian McKnight

Favorite color?

Most embarrassing moment?
Yeah..nice try!

Favorite dessert?
Ivanhoe’s strawberry shortcake

Favorite family tradition?
I’m not really big on traditions. We do what makes us happy in the moment and what brings us joy. The same-old/same-old isn’t for us!

Do you have any long-term goals?
My house paid off by age 50 and visit all 50 states with my son’s.

Favorite place to visit in Muncie?
We tend to end up at Elm Street the most.