Shooting world-class architecture is a monumental challenge. Fortunately, we’re up to the task. We use perspective, lighting, and thoughtful composition to produce images that convey a sense of grandeur while highlighting small but crucial architectural details. We’ve done it for hundreds of buildings; we can do it for yours, too.

Binding & Finishing

For us, binding and finishing is the most exciting part of a project. Why? Because it gives us one last chance to give it the mark of excellence. From stitching and collating to custom die-cutting, we approach it all with exacting care. No matter how simple or complex, our goal is the same: perfection.


What is branding? In simple terms, it’s the creation of assets—typically a logo, a style guide, and strategic positioning and messaging—that provides a platform for your business to tell the right story to the right audiences. From discovery through execution, we can guide you through a branding process that will position your new or existing…


In today’s noisy and crowded media landscape, you need a strong voice and a good story to stand out. Whether it’s your website, corporate collateral, or a targeted ad campaign, we have access to experienced copywriters who excel at creating compelling copy that gets results.

Creative Campaigns

Need a campaign to promote your service, product, or business? We’ll provide the strategic guidance and expertise to get it done right. Need some fresh ideas for your collateral or campaign? Or are you looking for a team to bring your big idea to life? Either way,  we’ve got the chops to deliver a winner.

Digital Printing

Digital printing means speed and efficiency. And at CS Kern, it means premium quality, too. Need a small run of print product, or need to turn something around on a tight deadline? We’ll make it happen with combination of the latest digital technology and old-fashioned diligence.

Display & Large Format

Need to make a big impression? Large format media is one of our specialties. We use vibrant UV inks to produce high-resolution images on everything from vinyl and canvas to high-quality paper and translucent material. Pieces can be up to 60” wide, and as long as you need them. Want to go really big? We…


Our meticulous approach to food photography elevates even everyday dishes to mouthwatering works of art. With thoughtful art direction, perfect lighting, and just the right props, we can portray your food in a way that will make everyone want to have a bite.

Graphic Design

Which font should you use? What about photos? And what is kerning and leading, anyway? Thanks to our superb design team, you’ll never have to answer these questions alone. Whether it’s a logo, a newsletter, or an annual report, we’ll make you look better than ever you thought possible.


You can do a lot with text, colors, and photographs. But sometimes you something a little different to make the desired impact. We can create illustrations, infographics, charts, and iconography to amplify your message and make an impact on your audience. .

Mailing & Fullfillment

Streamline and save on your promotional mailer, invitation, or newsletter by leaving it to us. Our strong knowledge of USPS regulations and CASS/PAVE-certified software means your mailings get all applicable postal discounts. From catalogs to custom pieces, we’ll make sure your audience receive your materials on time and in excellent condition.

Offset Printing

Printing has evolved over the years. Fortunately, so have we. We’ve invested in three state-of-the-art offset presses. We’ve implemented quality assurance processes that promote excellence. Today we’re one of Indiana’s premier offset printers for a reason: Our experienced pressmen deliver first-rate results on deadline, every time.


You get one chance to make a first impression—which is why you can’t afford to deliver a product in dull or shoddy packaging. From custom die-cutting to the assembly for unusual pieces, CS Kern can put together beautiful packaging for your product—and we can ship and deliver it, too.


Commercial and lifestyle photography of people is one of our specialties. Whether you need action shots of employees at work, professional headshots of staff, or stylish models showing off products, we’ll deliver photos that portray the subjects—and your brand—in precisely the right way.

Prep Production

Computer-to-plate technology allows us to plate jobs with utmost efficiency and speed. As a GRACoL 7 certified printer, we ensure that our digital proofs are calibrated to match the final product off of our offset presses. Incorporating an all-PDF internal work flow provides a wealth of pre-flight tools and ensures top quality color separation.


When selling a product online or in an ad or catalog, photography can make or break your bottom line. We’ve spent years using lighting and framing techniques to make products of all sizes and textures—from jewelry and glassware to cars and machinery—appear as good as, or even better than, they are in real life.


It’s where the magic happens: Our fully-equipped, 1,200 square foot photography studio. It includes a garage door for vehicle entry, a 30-foot cyc wall, dressing rooms, a lounge, a prop room, a kitchen, and high ceilings that make overhead shooting a breeze. No matter your needs, our studio can accommodate it.


Whether around the block or across the country, our skills travel well. When a subject can’t be moved or is better suited for an outdoor shoot—or if it’s an object whose setting is essential to its character—our crew is always capable of working on site.

Vision: Online Ordering

We created Vision specifically for you, our clients! Vision can help you gain valuable insights into your relationship with CS Kern, streamline new orders, or just let you keep track of your order history.